p e r s o n a l    r e f l e c t i o n    o n    i d e n t i t y    i n    t h e    a g e    o f    t h e    i n t e r n e t   ✫ ‧₊˚

like many others of my generation, i was born and raised on the internet. i grew up disassociated from my own body, my cultural roots, and perhaps to

some extent, practical reality itself. as a result, i constantly searched for answers beyond my immediate surroundings to find deeper meaning in life.

through engaging with various online communities over the years, i found the splintered fragments of my identity reflected in now abandoned message boards

and defunct sites. more importantly, i realized that my once seemingly intangible existence was worth more than i could ever imagine — all because

i was not alone, but a part of something greater than me. in accepting connection as one of the universal truths of life, i have come to appreciate the

dying art of devotion — to oneself, to one another, to the universe as a whole — and welcome the sanctuary of a third space with open arms.